Context - The Ultimate Solution to Cloud Security Risks & Vulnerabilities

Attack path context

Current environment context


Want to keep your cloud environment proactively and continuously secured? Well in today’s complex native, Kubernetes, and microservices environments, there's a whole lot that can--and does--go wrong, leading to less-than-optimal security.

What’s the key to preventing security issues in the first place?

The key is to get contextual knowledge, to see the full story behind all events and incidents. Context is what enables organizations to put security incidents and events into perspective to effectively eliminate risks and maximize productivity to cloud environments.

Download our new whitepaper, “Context in the Cloud--The Key to Securing Your Native, Kubernetes, and Microservices” to get a close-up view of contextual knowledge in action and see how it can benefit your cloud environment.

From The Whitepaper 

  • "The key to creating true security in cloud environments lies in seeing the full context. When an attacker looks at your environment, he or she doesn’t really care about CVEs, a misconfiguration, or an over-permissive policy – they are looking for the easiest way inside."

  • "At Lightspin, we believe the key to preventing cloud security risks and vulnerabilities is by understanding the full context of events and incidents. This context is what sets the scene and what determines the true significance of issues. Context provides a full view into the circumstances that serve as the background for all events and by which the events can be fully assessed."

  • "With Lightspin’s graph-based visualization and its patent-pending attack path context-based technology, organizations can finally see all their assets and relationships to effectively protect their native, Kubernetes, and microservices from known and unknown risks."

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