Case Study    

Lightspin Helps PayEm Scale and Secure Their Cloud From the Inside Out

Case Study Results

Increased visibility through Lightspin’s CNAPP solution helps to power PayEm’s dynamic growth safely and securely

  • Challenges for our customer

As a fintech company, PayEm was on the hunt for a cloud security tool that could offer comprehensive visibility of their multi-cloud environments from the inside out. As PayEm’s team scaled quickly and significantly, and more developers joined, they needed a comprehensive tool that could shed light on their multi-cloud configurations.
  • Solution provided by Lightspin

Lightspin reduced noise by 98% in PayEm’s environments, while also providing them with 100% visibility across their multi-cloud environments (AWS & GCP). Lightspin’s attack path engine equipped PayEm’s team with the ability to easily concentrate on the most critical vulnerabilities and solve them through the out of the box dynamic remediation offered in the dashboard. The platform gives Co-Founder and CTO Omer Rimoch, peace of mind that his team can track and easily see the full picture of their cloud, especially as they scale and further expand their presence in the cloud.

  • Our customer's feedback

“Because we’re operating in the fintech space, we need to always be secure – from the inside out. We were looking for a tool that could plug into our cloud and track usage within the cloud – identifying attack paths and internal vulnerabilities. I wanted more than just baseline coverage, I wanted to make sure that we are continually secure from the inside out.””

-- Omer Rimoch, Co-Founder and CTO