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Protect Kubernetes with Contextual Attack Path Analysis


Kubernetes is highly popular yet misconfiguring it is the #1 cloud vulnerability every cloud-based organization should be protected from. Learn how Lightspin does it.


From The Whitepapaer

  • "Kubernetes ecosystems are often constructed from various 3rd party open source components, which are in daily use within the environment. The implementation of these components should be based on best practices, but that’s often not the case and organizations may use quick and dirty implementations that include improper configurations, secrets management, and more, which can lead to data breaches."
  • "The Lightspin AWS and Kubernetes holistic solution enables organizations to configure Lightspin with least privilege permission access to the Kubernetes Cluster and analyze the RBAC, networking, and configuration layers of the Cluster in an efficient way, which enables a reduction of risk and improves the security level of the Kubernetes environment."


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