Case Study    

Maximizing Productivity by Prioritizing Cloud Security Risks

Case Study Results

Lightspin reduced the customer's security issues from 250 to a mere 10

A global leader in corporate ground transportation, with extensive experience working with data and software applications, maximized productivity by prioritizing their cloud security risks with Lightspin.
  • Challenges for our customer

The company infrastructure was completely cloud-native and running on AWS with one environment for R&D, and another for IT, making it very complex to secure. There were also 250 microservices, and all production activities ran inside a Kubernetes environment. The company experienced an overload of security alerts and had no clarity.

  • Solution provided by Lightspin

Lightspin’s Contextual Prioritization simplified their cloud security by showing them what was critical and provided a context-based understanding of their cloud, Kubernetes, and microservices environment.

  • Our customer's feedback

"We've gone from 250 security alerts to being able to see the 10 critical ones for the first time. It's game-changing."