Case Study    

In a Hyper-scaling Environment, Lightspin Helps Inspectiv Secure its Cloud

Case Study Results

In a hyper-scale environment, Lightspin helps Inspectiv secure its cloud

  • Challenges for our customer

As a vulnerability detection platform, Inspectiv considers security as top priority for their business strategy. The organization needed better visibility and resiliency across their AWS cloud and wanted strong monitoring, detection, response, privacy, internal vulnerability detection, and compliance in an easy to use and easily digestible platform. Given the nature of Inspectiv’s dynamic growth and scale, it was also vital that their team find a vendor who would be a true partner, responsive to their needs.

  • Solution provided by Lightspin

Lightspin reduced the noise in Inspectiv’s environment by 99.5% and provides 100% visibility across their AWS environments and Kubernetes clusters. Not only has Lightspin helped the Inspectiv team gain value right away and reduce non-critical alerts, CISO Ray Espinoza, a seasoned security professional, felt from Day 1 that Lightspin has been a true partner with his team, with whom they could grow.

  • Our customer's feedback

“I felt strong differentiators in Lightspin. The attack path flow piece was mind-blowing – I love this – you take a vulnerability and tie it to an exploitability and you make it very easy for me to articulate it to the teams that are responsible for this, whereas other tools require more elbow grease before we can get this message to the teams that need them.”

-- Ray Espinoza, CISO at Inspectiv