The Dark Side of Cloud Configuration - Vulnerability or Feature?

December 2020


In this webishop (half webinar-half workshop) we will dive into container security in Kubernetes, Including:


You will learn

  • An introduction into container security in general.
  • Pod Security Policy and Privileged Containers.
  • Leveraging Container Security In Kubernetes.
  • Hands On Lab - Escaping Privileged Containers



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Our Speakers

  • Vladi Sandler


    Vladi Sandler is the Co-founder and CEO of Lightspin, a proactive cloud security platform that protects cloud and Kubernetes environments from unknown risks. Vladi is an avid security entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience in cybersecurity domains. He established the comprehensive application security training program at Ernst & Young, and initiated the first Automotive Cloud Security team at CYMOTIVE.