Case Study    

How Insurtech Company Laka Improved Their Cloud Security Coverage with Lightspin’s Attack Path Technology

Case Study Results

For a lean security team, efficiency with time is key. Thanks to the power of Lightspin’s attack path platform, Laka is focusing on what matters most and ensuring they have best in class cloud security coverage for their business.

  • Challenges for our customer

As Laka scales their business, which now has a multi-million pound insured value in the UK and across Europe, reducing their manual headache was a top priority for their cloud security team. The team needed a tool that could help them reduce their tedious and time-consuming manual efforts, which simultaneously providing comprehensive cloud security tooling in one seamless platform.
  • Solution provided by Lightspin

Lightspin reduced noise of total alerts and security findings 98%.

Lightspin has provided Laka with an integrated, single platform that consolidates all their disparate cloud security tools into an easily consumable format. By surfacing critical attack paths and providing remediation advice, Lightspin unifies the tools Laka’s team needed most, saving them time, resources, and manual headache.


  • Our customer's feedback

“Lightspin saves our team several hours a day by removing the guesswork in security findings and alerts, delivering the prioritized critical attack paths that matter most to our business.”

-- Ben Allen, CTO & Co-Founder at Laka