Lightspin’s Ultimate Guide to AWS S3 Bucket Misconfigurations


S3 bucket misconfigurations account for 16% of all cloud security breaches. While some of this can be chalked up to inexperience or human error, that’s not the only problem going on behind the scenes.

Lightspin's research into S3 Buckets

We found that the average amount of public buckets stands at almost 4% per company, and the average amount of “objects can be public” is around 42%.

This means that almost 50% of a company’s buckets could potentially be misconfigured!

This ultimate guide to AWS S3 buckets takes an in-depth look at what an S3 bucket is, how AWS handles access rights and permissions for S3 buckets, and provides best practices for securing your public S3 buckets.

Topics covered:

● The basics of S3 buckets and their access rules.
● How to create S3 bucket permissions.
● Potential gaps that stem from the way that AWS evaluates S3 buckets.
● Real-world examples of S3 bucket misconfigurations, including cross-account attacks.
● Actionable tips for securing S3 buckets in your cloud environment.

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