Case Study    

Focus and Prioritization of Cloud Security Risks with Lightspin

Case Study Results

NEXT Insurance has found focus and prioritization of cloud security risks with Lightspin’s cloud native protection platform.

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  • Challenges for our customer

NEXT Insurance’s team runs quickly and needed a single and comprehensive solution to give their Security and DevOps teams a holistic picture of the cloud security and infrastructure issues that matter most. The team needed a solution that would reduce the noise of endless alerts and bring them the focus and prioritization they required.

  • Solution provided by Lightspin

Lightspin reduced noise by 97% in the NEXT cloud environments, providing 100% cloud and Kubernetes infrastructure coverage. Lightspin’s ability to surface critical attack paths in real-time and provide recommended remediation, has been a vital tool to the NEXT team.


  • Our customer's feedback

“Lightspin has removed the guesswork from identifying critical gaps in our system. Our team has a lot of confidence in the Lightspin system, and the platform has proven itself to time and again, surface the right and most critical security risks.” 

Omer Deutsch, VP of Security