Case Study    

Context-driven cloud security enables PageUp to focus on their most critical vulnerabilities

Case Study Results

PageUp uses Lightspin’s context-driven cloud security to focus on their most critical vulnerabilities

  • Challenges for our customer

The PageUp Security & Compliance team had been using a cloud security tool that provided them with visibility, but in the form of thousands of error messages and alerts, without any context. PageUp needed a cloud security partner that could provide them with the visibility and coverage they needed, but most importantly, the context to know what was important and what was not.

  • Solution provided by Lightspin

Lightspin reduced noise by 97% in the PageUp cloud environments and provided complete integration and critical attack path discoveries within the first 15 minutes of usage. Lightspin’s ability to surface critical attack paths provided PageUp with the focus and actionable insights they needed to remediate the issues that mattered most in their environments.


  • Our customer's feedback

“Lightspin has given PageUp’s cloud security engineers valuable time back in their day. Instead of spending multiple weeks discerning critical from non-critical alerts, attack paths reduced the guesswork and provided the ability to prioritize the problems that matter most. Our team now remediates critical issues in a week instead of in a matter of weeks or months.” 

 - Brad Barnett, CTO at PageUp