Container Specific Security In Kubernetes Webishop

December 2020


Lightspin webishop is a unique format of half webinar-half workshop. In this webishop we will dive into container security in Kubernetes, Including:


You will learn

  • An introduction into container security in general.
  • Pod Security Policy and Privileged Containers.
  • Leveraging Container Security In Kubernetes.
  • Hands On Lab - Escaping Privileged Containers





>> Check out this webinar to learn more about Kubernetes security best practices

Watch our Container Security webishop

Our Speakers

  • Or Azarzar


    Lightspin’s contextual cloud security platform protects native, Kubernetes, and microservices from known and unknown risks. Using predictive graph-based technology, Lightspin empowers cloud and security teams to eliminate risks by proactively blocking all attack paths while maximizing productivity by dramatically reducing and prioritizing security alerts, to cut down remediation time.