What should you be looking for in a CNAPP solution?


ben-1Cloud security is complicated, and the market is becoming increasingly more saturated with new services, tools, and vendors. How can you determine the solution that will best fit your specific organization’s needs, even as these may dynamically change?

Lightspin brings you our CNAPP POC Checklist.

To solve your cloud security needs more efficiently and effectively, Lightspin has created a CNAPP POC Checklist to help you determine which criterium you should be prioritizing when searching for a comprehensive CNAPP provider. Whether you are a CISO looking for fast time to value for your team, or DevSecOps aiming to minimize false positive alerts and maximize prioritization of relevant security findings to help you team work most efficiently, Lightspin helps you cover all you need to know and what you should be asking potential vendors.
Download our CNAPP POC Checklist for a detailed look into the top features you should be considering when looking to POC a CNAPP solution.


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