Case Study    

Cherre Reduces the Noise and Gets Actionable Insights with Lightspin's CNAPP

Case Study Results

Noise reduction and achievable, workable risk findings simplifies Cherre’s ability to secure their multi-cloud environments

  • Challenges for our customer

For a startup in hypergrowth mode, Cherre required a tool that could manage all facets of cloud security well without requiring an increase of internal resources to do so. They needed a tool that could help them easily scan their network for actionable vulnerabilities, so they could invest more time in the critical business issues that matter most.

  • Solution provided by Lightspin

Lightspin has provided Cherre with 99% noise reduction in their environment and 100% visibility across their multi-cloud and Kubernetes environments. Lightspin's CNAPP solution has been able to surface and prioritize the critical attack paths, helping Cherre's team focus on what matters most in their environment.

  • Our customer's feedback

"Continuous scanning from Lightspin across our network means that we are able to easily and quickly identify any critical gaps or vulnerabilities that could lead to potential exploits."

-- Stefan Thorpe, CTO at Cherre