Solution Brief    

Attack Path Engine


Powered by graph-based technology, Lightspin’s Attack Path Engine prioritizes and offers dynamic remediation for vulnerable attack vectors.

Attack paths and root cause analysis delivered with recommended remediation, gives you the focus needed to cut through the noise and more efficiently harden your cloud environment.

From The Whitepapaer

  • "Classic CSPM tools are not able to make the right connections between security findings to deliver the context, prioritization, and remediation most organizations require to work more securely without straining their resources or budget.”

Lightspin Platform

Lightspin is the #1 cloud security solution for SaaS companies of all sizes. Agentless and easy to deploy, Lightspin’s Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) efficiently prioritizes and remediates cloud security risks in minutes thanks to the industry’s only Attack Path Engine built on the graph. Supporting Amazon Web Services, Google Public Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes, Lightspin simplifies cloud security and compliance via its self-serve offering and graph-based algorithms.