Case Study    

Accelerating Remediation of Cloud Security Risks with Lightspin

Case Study Results

Imperva leverages the power of Lightspin for increased visibility and improved workflow efficiency across their multi-cloud environment.

  • Challenges for our customer

Imperva knew they needed to find a single cloud security platform that could help them clear away the noise of thousands of security alerts and minimize the inefficiency of reviewing every alert.

  • Solution provided by Lightspin

Lightspin reduced noise by 91% in the Imperva cloud environments, significantly alleviating alert fatigue and improving their team’s efficiency. Additionally, less than 10 minutes after deploying Lightspin, Imperva discovered two potential critical attack paths.

  • Our customer's feedback

“Lightspin has allowed us to simultaneously see our actual risk exposure alongside remediation guidance to resolve the most critical issues quickly and effectively.”